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Multiple Questions
12-06-2016, 07:59 PM
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RE: Multiple Questions
Hello ParaPappy. Sorry I just ran accross your questions here but I will try to explain these questions for you. Again, I am sorry im so late at getting something down here for you.

A1) Your first assumption to your question is correct. You would not need to "reacquire" the target. Once spotted, the target remains spotted unless it moves outside of your line of sight.

A2)By being unbuttoned the crew is more exposed and more likely to take damage. Since, in game terms, being knocked out, or killed, doesn't always mean that the tank was destroyed. It simply simulates making the tank combat ineffective. That could mean that the crew or a significant portion of it was wounded or killed because they were unbuttoned during the combat action.

A3)The Sheridan played a small part in the overall force structure during the time frame that the book covers. We do from time to time release stats on other vehicles to enhance game play. We currently have stats out for the MRAP series vehicles so players can simulate some convoy action in Iraq during the most recent conflict. We can add stats for the Sheridan too, so we will put it on our list and put the information out on our web site for you soon, so please check back in a few weeks.

(09-10-2016 11:46 PM)ParaPappy Wrote:  Hello All,
I just received the rules a few weeks ago, and a couple of us played a Company, on Company game today, and now I have a few questions to ask.

1) Spotting. I get that you spot in one Phase, and then Fire during the NEXT phase. You use the standard Nationality Fire Tables + multipliers.
Now my question. If I Snap Shot, during the same phase as spotting, and Target is still in LOS the Next Fire phase, do I then fire on target with the standard fire charts, and get the acquired bonus? OR do I need to re-spot, and wait one Fire Phase?

2) Fire Modifiers (Combat Multipliers). In the Fire Modifiers, you get a -1 to fire at a Unbuttoned vehicle.
Question- Unbuttoned, gives the TC (Tank/Track Commander) a better field of view, to spot targets, but how does it make it more Vulnerable during Fire Combat, when the TC has his hatch open?

3) That last one goes towards a couple of Vehicles. The M60A2, and the M551 Sheridan. I know the M60A2 was short lived, and only a small handful ever fielded. We still used the Sheridan in the 82nd ABN Div. as a MBT/Recon in the 80s-90s.
Question- Does anyone use these, and have Stats on them?

Thanks for any input!
Lawrence "ParaPappy"
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