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Some Rules Clarifications
08-16-2013, 08:49 PM
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Some Rules Clarifications
Q: Do infantry (and other non-vehicle units) always count as "unbuttoned" for spotting purposes?
A: Yes. Anything that cannot be buttoned are treated as unbuttoned. This may change as our morale rules are formalized and published. We are considering treating pinned units as “buttoned” for spotting purposes.

Q: Which vehicles should get the small target bonus?
A:Any vehicle that is the size of a Jeep should get the small target bonus.

Q: What should the orientation of the artillery template be when placing it over a target?
A: The orientation of the artillery is parallel with the controlling player’s starting board edge (ie the direction of his rear area). This is the orientation used, if none is specified. For a Line template, the default orientation is also parallel to the controlling player’s starting board edge. An alternative to this is for the center point to be plotted and then the template oriented along a direction axis such as NE-SW, or for the template to be oriented to a linear terrain feature, such as along/parallel to a road or ridge line. Only an FO can call artillery using a non-standard orientation because calling for artillery is not the primary skill for line officers. They generally rely on their FIST for artillery support, but can make a basic call for fire when needed.

Q: From what game board orientation does artillery deviate from?
A: The deviation is determined from your starting board edge. Left/Right is parallel to your board edge. Long/Short is perpendicular to the board edge. This was to simplify the measuring and eliminate the need to keep track of the angle of fire. This does not pro-hibit a scenario designer from including a specific point of aim in their design, but helps to speed up play when you can use the board edges as your perpendiculars.

Q: Does a helicopter need to stop moving to fire a wire guided missile?
A: The same rule applies as applies to vehicles in that the helicopter should not be mov-ing when firing wire guided munitions. We should have put a reference to the ATGM section under the Helicopter rules. We can add this clarification to the Errata.

Q: Do decoys launched by air units affect all fire against them?
A: No, chaff and flairs are only effective against radar-directed ADA or SAMs, not manual/optically aimed AAA, AAMG, or small arms.
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02-18-2014, 09:29 PM
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RE: Some Rules Clarifications
Excellent responses to all above. Concur wholeheartedly.
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